Eric Blumrich

Eric Blumrich, also known as Fkafka and Mr. Ploppy, is a cartoonist, illustrator and Flash animator active in the furry fandom throughout the 80′s and 90′s. He currently resides in Montclair, New Jersey. In his spare time, he works for peace and justice issues.

Blumrich is an accomplished artist. During the time he was working in the furry genre, he had a distinctive, angular cartoon style of figure drawing, with Tom Verre’s work as an early influence. It was a style that emphasized pointed muzzles, ears and cheekbones, and particularly suited jackals, foxes, cats, and rats. His inked black-and-white pieces featured intricate and striking cross-hatching and stippling. Rarer color works were rendered using watercolors.
He was a Yerf artist, and briefly shared accommodations with web comic artist and illustrator Scotty Arsenault.
In addition, he worked as a concept artist for “Inherit the Earth” (a “furry” PC video-game), and participated in the inking, and/or coloring of a dozen comics, all of which were rightfully ignored, as they were poorly published by fly-by-night indie chophouses.
Eric Blumrich’s only break into the mainstream of publishing came, when he was asked to paint “The Hemp 100″ for High Times Magazine, in 1992. The result was disappointing, for all involved.

Blumrich continued making his presence known in the fandom by hanging around both Pro and Con online Furry sites until the date of September 11, 2001. 16 hours later after the tragic incident of 9-11, he would fatefully write in the Yerf newsgroup Yerf.yap the post that would push his fourth in command in the Burned Fur movement, Peter “Hangdog” Schorn, to threaten in writing to kill Blumrich “with his bare hands,” this was to be the signal of the beginning of the end of the Burned Furs, and with it, Eric’s involvement in it and the Furry Fandom.